Manuel Gamboa III works through life after his brother’s unexpected suicide off The Golden Gate Bridge. His parents have attended every Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District board meeting for five years to advocate for a suicide barrier. In August 2018 construction for a steel net began.

After an accident in college, Charles Curtis Blackwell lost his tunnel vision, becoming mostly blind, but he didn’t let that stop him from becoming a painter. He paints African masks, jazz musicians, and nudes. After writing three books and exhibiting art all over the country, he currently works as a mentor at Youth Spirit Artworks in Berkeley, Calif.

We pass by roadside memorials every day, but who are the families behind them? Crossroads explores a universal issue of loss through the lens of the Martinka family who lost their son unjustly to a driver texting and driving. (This was made with classmate Michael Swensen.)

A group of sisters in rural Ohio live a quiet, self-sacrificial life serving God and the community. They explain how they transitioned from a modern life to their new, more fulfilling one.